Contemporary and Historical Images

The director Jerzy Grotowski,1987

The choreographer Pina Bausch,1988

The actress Pupella Maggio,1984

From exhibition on "Enemy in the figure" W.Forsythe,1989

The coreographer William Forsythe,1989

The conductor Claudio Abbado and the pianist Martha Argerich

artists Marina Abramovic & Ulay "Relation Work " ,1978

The photographer Franco Vaccari,Bologna 1985

The house museum Remo Brindisi, Lido di Spina 2010

The conductor Claudio Abbado,2006

The singer Gianmaria Testa,2003

The writer Erri De Luca,Mantova 2003

"Errand into the Maze" The Martha Graham Dance Company,2004

"Dido and Aeneas" directed by Sasha Waltz,2006

The actor Toni Servillo,2006

The conductor Claudio Abbado,2006

The Cullberg Ballet "Aluminium" choreogaphy by Mats Ek,2006

The conductor Claudio Abbado,2006

The actress Mascia Musy in "Anna Karenina" directed by E.Nekrosius,2008

The actor Marco Paolini,2003

The conductor Daniel Harding,2001

Daniel Barenboim,Fabio Fazio,Maurizio Pollini, Claudio Abbado,2009

The conductor Diego Matheuz, Spoleto 2010

The Living Theatre "Can I kill You",1977

Marco Nirmal Caselli
The photographer Marco Caselli Nirmal, since 1977, has conveyed to us his deep-rooted love for music, theatre and dance trough his pictures.

His artistic talent has been recognised by the most important architecture and design reviews; this artist extended his interests to the Contemporary Art by documenting, from 1977 to 1985, all the exhibitions and performances at the Palazzo dei Diamanti and the Modern Art Gallery of Ferrara.

The year 1979 marked the beginning of his long-lasting collaboration with Ferrara's Teatro Comunale, which made him an "active witness" of its history for over thirty years.

Since 1990. Mr. Nirmal has been the official photographer of the famous Conductor Claudio Abbado. He is highly appreciated for the realisation of a special camera filling which enabled him to shoot silently during concerts and every other kind of recording.

The originality of his research reveals the intimate nature of his art.