The rebirth of Rosebud, a collection of 600,000 images available for publishers. Portraits of writers, painters, composers, musicians and photos of places and events in the world of culture.
In 1996 we created Rosebud, the very first international agency offering online distribution of images of people and events in the world of culture. Corbis and Getty only started selling on internet a year later, in 1997. But since our project was too premature, it was short-lived. We were looked upon as Martians by newspaper editors and many picture editors told us they would never select photos from a computer screen. We were therefore forced to give up our idea and go back to taking photos. It was many years before agencies started to consider digital technology and online sales as a way of speeding up communications and expanding their sales. We entrusted the distribution of our photos to Grazia Neri and when her agency was liquidated in 2009 we shook the dust off our original idea and founded Blackarchives together with a dozen or so colleagues. This enterprise lasted three years, but after a positive beginning we realized that things were changing again. By "joining the dots" (to quote one of Steve Jobs' famous sayings) and involving Vanna Daccò, historic manager of the administrative office of the Grazia Neri agency, we re-launched Rosebud and called it Rosebud2. A structure embodying the spirit of 1996, but using a modern format and current technologies. Our intention is to produce images which somehow tell about the people and events of this century's culture and make them available for editors, advertising agencies and institutions. As with the first version of Rosebud, we will also attempt to collect old photos from the past that belong to the same sector. We stubbornly believe in the importance of embarking on a project like this one at a time when photographers are forced by the larger agencies to depict the present with photocall images, while prestigious archives lie buried in humid basements or end up in flea markets.

Graziano Arici and Marcello Mencarini